Energy Saving Tips for Any Season

Heating and cooling costs represent 50 percent of your home’s monthly utility bills. With Atlanta’s cold winters and hot summers, your HAVC unit is on the job year-round. Here are four tips to keep energy and indoor comfort costs as low as possible:

1. Install a Programmable Thermostat

These handy devices maintain optimal temperatures automatically. According to, you can save 10 percent on cooling costs by reducing AC output by 10 degrees while you’re at work. You can also save 20 percent on heating costs by reducing heating output by 10 degrees while you’re at work and asleep. The thermostat can automatically restore temperatures to normal before you wake up or return home, so no discomfort is involved.

2. Have Your Ducts Cleaned and Sealed

Cleaning out dirty ducts removes airflow obstructions that cost you money by making your HAVC unit overwork. Energy Star tells us that the average home loses up to 30 percent of its heated and cooled air through holes, cracks and loose joints in the ductwork. Having these leaks sealed saves energy and can make a big difference in your utility bills.

3. Service Your HVAC Unit Annually

Tune-ups help with saving energy because your HVAC operates more efficiently. According to the Building Efficiency Initiative, HVAC maintenance saves anywhere from 5-40 percent on utility bills annually. Preventive maintenance also fosters cleaner and healthier indoor air, extends equipment life and improves indoor comfort.

4. Keep Air Filters Clean

Dirty filters pollute indoor air and contribute to shortened HVAC lifespans. They also raise energy bills by making your HAVC unit overwork. Check your filter every 30 days, and if you can’t see the filter material beneath the dirt, it’s time to change the filter.

Learn more about saving energy with HVAC maintenance and programmable thermostats at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Atlanta. We’re all about making indoor comfort as affordable as possible.