HVAC Warnings You Shouldn’t Ignore

When red flags start to wave, scheduling service on the double can mean the difference between a quick fix and a pricey HVAC repair. Here are four common HVAC problems that should be addressed at once to avoid serious damage to your equipment:

1. Foul Odors

Your HVAC unit should never emit unpleasant smells. Foul odors usually signal organic contamination somewhere in the system. It could be in your ductwork, or it could be coming from a clogged condensate line drain pan. Left unattended, a clogged condensate drain line can make your AC freeze up or eventually cause water damage in your home. A slimy condensate line drain pan can collect impurities that blow into your home and contaminate your indoor air.

2. Disturbing Noises

If your HVAC equipment starts banging, thumping, grinding, buzzing or screeching, turn off your system and schedule HVAC repair. These noises usually indicate a loose part, a worn belt, bent fan blades, electrical problems and other urgent issues that shouldn’t be ignored.

3. Ever-increasing Utility Bills

When energy bills are rapidly rising, your HVAC may be overworking just to maintain baseline indoor comfort. If your heating and cooling systems haven’t had a tuneup lately, your equipment may be coated with grunge and grit that’s slowing down and clogging up the works. For HVAC units that are 10 to 15 years old, high utility bills can mean that it’s time for an HVAC replacement.

4. Poor Air Flow

Weak airflow can be caused by a frozen evaporator coil, a dirty or clogged air filter or ductwork obstructions and leaks. Poor airflow could also be due to a refrigerant leak. It could mean that the unit needs cleaning or that there’s a problem with the blower wheel, fan belt or blower motor.

Most Monroe, Georgia, HVAC problems are due to poor HVAC maintenance. Without regularly scheduled care, your HVAC unit cannot perform optimally. To learn more about the benefits of preventive maintenance, visit One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Atlanta, or call us at (855) 993-2290 to schedule an HVAC tune-up.