The Atlanta area is hardly a frozen tundra, but staying warm in the winter still requires effective and affordable heating. Unfortunately, a whole host of complicating factors can make heating your home an expensive proposition. If your winter heating bills are suddenly giving you sticker shock, here are three crucial ways to get your costs under control.

Arrange a Maintenance Visit

Even high-quality heaters can’t operate perfectly forever. Increased friction, mechanical wear, dirt buildup, and other flaws gradually cause your HVAC system’s efficiency to slip. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency pinpoints dirty components and general neglect as the primary causes of poor efficiency and system failures. Scheduling a service visit is often the best first step when it comes to addressing spiraling heating costs.

Don’t Discount Your Ductwork

It’s easy to overlook, but your ductwork plays an important role in your heating system. In fact, ducts that are dirty, leaky, or otherwise poorly maintained can be a major drain on your heating efficiency. They make it harder for heated air to be distributed properly, causing your system to work harder to compensate. If your ducts have become problematic, quality duct cleaning and repairs could save you money and restore your heater’s efficiency.

Call for Professional Heating System Repairs

Regular maintenance is essential, but it can’t catch every possible issue. If your heating costs are rising inexplicably, it’s likely parts of your system just aren’t working properly. In addition to costly energy bills, ignoring the issue could lead to even greater problems later on. Calling in the professionals for expert heating system repairs is the safest move to make. A trained technician can assess the state of your heating system and suggest the best course of action. If necessary, they can also quickly repair or replace any failing components that are contributing to your excessive heating costs.

If heating your home leaves your wallet feeling a little light, it’s time to take action. Making sure your heating system is in optimal condition can slash utility costs and provide more dependable comfort. For more ways to save, check out One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Atlanta’s professional maintenance services or call (678) 475-7622.