Ducts form a network through which treated air is supplied to the rooms of your Lawrenceville, GA, home. Although they’re out of sight, ducts should still be serviced every several years. Besides helping to keep indoor air healthy, clean ducts can boost the performance of your HVAC and increase energy efficiency:

Unobstructed Airflow

Clear airflow through the ductwork is vital for optimal HVAC performance, energy efficiency, and indoor comfort. Over time, ducts can collect a thick layer of dust, debris, and dirt. If these obstructions block airflow, they can drive up utility bills by making your HVAC overwork and gobble energy. The unnecessary wear and tear on your system can shorten its service life.

No More Energy Losses Via Leaks

Ducts can develop cracks, holes, and other openings, especially at the joints. Up to 30 percent of treated air can escape through those breaches. Sealing leaks prevents the ongoing waste of treated air and the high energy bills that go with it. It also removes the extra demand on your HVAC equipment to make up for lost air.

Increased Energy Efficiency and Cleaner Indoor Air

Duct cleaning includes the heat exchanger, coils, condensate drain pan, fan motors, and air handler housing. It removes dirt in your HVAC that inhibits high performance and reduces energy efficiency. Besides dirt, duct cleaning can remove organic growth, pollen, dander, and dust mites. These intruders can hide in your ductwork and contaminate indoor air.

Filters, air cleaners, and various other HVAC services help to remove contaminants from your HVAC and indoor air. However, if the ducts themselves aren’t cleaned, they will continue to blow contaminants into your home whenever your HVAC turns on. At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Atlanta, our experienced technicians use high-tech tools to remove dirt, contaminants, and debris from ducts. To learn more about our HVAC services, call us at (855) 993-2290.