With long, hot summers in Atlanta, GA your air conditioner is vital to achieving comfort indoors. However, your comfort may be disrupted if you’re faced with a noisy AC. While noise coming from your cooling system may not indicate a problem, unusual sounds could. Knowing that a loud AC is a problem can help you protect your system from an unexpected breakdown.

Identify Unusual Noises from Your AC System

With improvements in design over the years, today’s air conditioners make significantly less noise than older models. Nevertheless, even newer units make some noise. However, loud and disruptive sounds need to be addressed. Noises such as rattling, grinding, hissing, or popping require expert attention. These sounds could indicate a blockage in the vents, loose parts, problems with a fan motor, a refrigerant leak, or issues with ductwork. It’s better to turn off your system and call an HVAC professional to troubleshoot the issue if you notice any concerning noises from your AC.

Know When it’s Time for AC Repairs

Taking care of your air conditioning system is the best way to prevent a noisy unit and future issues. Replacing your air filter regularly keeps pollutants from accumulating in your system and causing operational issues. Also, keeping up with heating and air conditioning services such as routine AC maintenance will ensure expert technicians can catch minor issues before they become expensive AC replacements. A noisy system should be checked by an experienced professional who can identify problems with your unit and provide necessary AC repairs.

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