Effective climate control is clearly an important consideration in commercial spaces. One thing that’s often overlooked, however, is ventilation. Many Covington, GA businesses simply aren’t ventilated adequately, which poses a number of potential issues. Here are three crucial reasons to ensure you’re getting the right airflow throughout your commercial space.

Better Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality is a problem that plagues many businesses. The presence of office equipment, industrial cleaning supplies, biological contaminants, and other contaminant sources is a recipe for generating airborne pollutants. If your space isn’t ventilated properly, these pollutants can build to unsafe levels and cause employees to become sick. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency notes that improving air quality can boost productivity and reduce employee sick days. Appropriately ventilating your business can aid in air quality management by continuously flushing out stale, polluted air.

Improved Comfort

In addition to expelling pollutants, a ventilator helps to flush out unpleasant odors and remove excess moisture. The result is a workplace that’s cleaner, less humid, and simply more comfortable for employees and customers alike. Not surprisingly, studies have shown that greater comfort also translates to greater productivity. Investing in better ventilation is a simple step that benefits everyone.

Lower Operating Costs

By making a space more comfortable, balanced ventilation also helps reduce energy consumption. A well-ventilated building may require less heating and cooling to maintain comfort, potentially reducing your utility costs. This is especially true with an energy recovery ventilator, which uses outgoing HVAC exhaust to help treat incoming air. Additionally, the improved efficiency and moisture control of a well-ventilated space mean less burden on your HVAC system. That, in turn, means fewer commercial HVAC repairs and less downtime.

There’s no time to delay if your commercial HVAC system isn’t adequately ventilating your business. From creating a healthier work environment to boosting your bottom line, balancing your airflow can make a major impact. For an evaluation of your commercial space, check out One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Atlanta’s commercial ventilator services or dial (855) 993-2290 to schedule an appointment today.