A recent study by the National Institute of Standards and Technology evaluated the environmental effects and energy expenditure of gas and electric cooling and heating installations for a prototype home built on the NIST campus in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The study found that natural gas was somewhat more green-friendly than electric because of the higher emissions produced during the generation of electricity. If you are planning to purchase a new heating and cooling system, working with a qualified HVAC contractor can provide you with the guidance needed to make the right choices for your home.

Two Major Types of Fuel for Heating and Cooling

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, natural gas and electricity are the most commonly used energy sources for residential heating and cooling installations in the United States.

Pros and Cons of Electrical HVAC Systems

One of the major advantages of choosing electricity to power your heating and air conditioning systems is that both heating and cooling functions can be powered by electrical current. This can lower the cost of installation by a qualified HVAC contractor and can provide you with reliable comfort throughout the year in the Atlanta area.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Natural Gas for HVAC Systems

Natural gas heating is generally less expensive than comparable electrical heating systems but may cost more to install and maintain. Atlanta homeowners may be able to recoup these added costs with lower utility costs during severe winter weather in our area. This can reduce the overall operating costs of natural gas systems compared with electric-only systems for Atlanta homes.

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