AC Maintenance Lets Us Find Repair Issues Early On

The key to preventing air conditioner breakdowns in a hot city like Atlanta, GA is early detection. AC maintenance can save you hundreds of dollars by nipping potential AC repairs in the bud. Here are some examples of how our AC services save you time and money:

Condensate Line Clogs

The condensation drain line is what your air conditioner uses to discharge moisture collected from indoor air. Over time, this line can get jammed with slime, algae, and other organic growth. Backed up water can cause high humidity, a frozen cooling coil, foul odors, and significant property damage. When addressed quickly, a dirty condensate line is a quick fix, and it’s always included in our regular maintenance service.

Dirty AC Filters

Changing the AC filter regularly is an essential part of system maintenance. We replace the filter and can show you how to do the same between visits. Running your system with a dirty filter can cause airflow problems and a frozen cooling coil. Dirt from the filter can invade the interior of the unit. Over time, that dirt can cause overheating and damage the motor. High electric bills, poor indoor air quality, and premature AC replacement can all result from a dirty filter.

Refrigerant Leaks

These leaks are caused by cracks in the cooling coil that circulates refrigerant. Without refrigerant, your AC will blow warm air. The cooling coil can freeze and refrigerant can puddle on the floor. Running your system with low refrigerant can damage the compressor and other key components. In time, the compressor will need replacement. Most refrigerant leaks can be avoided with our seasonal AC maintenance. If we catch small leaks early, our refrigerant leak repair services can rectify the problem.

AC maintenance plans at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Atlanta can prevent up to 95 percent of AC repairs. Call us at (855) 993-2290 to learn more.