Properly Using a Humidifier in Your Home

Regulating humidity is important for indoor comfort. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends keeping indoor humidity below 60 percent for health and comfort. Ideally, humidity should fall between 30 and 50 percent. In Conyers, GA, maintaining temperature and humidity levels can tax heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units. Your HVAC contractor can evaluate the humidity and indoor air quality of your home or business and recommend ways to improve comfort.

Importance of Moisture Control

When indoor air is too dry, it can affect health. You may have dry skin, dry sinuses, or respiratory problems. Additionally, dry air allows pathogens to remain airborne longer, increasing your chances of breathing them in. Dry air can also affect belongings and the building shell. Wood can crack or shrink. You may get shocks from static electricity as you walk over carpets or handle clothing.

Using Humidifiers

Cold air holds less moisture, and warm air contains more moisture. Even though outside relative humidity in Georgia in the summer is high, the air conditioning cools the air and removes humidity. If you use your air conditioner continuously, you may have too little moisture in your home. A whole-house humidifier works with your HVAC unit to maintain proper humidity levels. It adds moisture to the air distributed throughout your living space, which improves comfort.

Expert Whole-House Humidity Control

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Atlanta offers HVAC products and services that regulate humidity and improve indoor air quality. We will evaluate air infiltration through the building shell and duct system to identify leaks that affect humidity and air quality. We recommend products to regulate humidity that work with your budget and indoor comfort requirements. After installation, our maintenance and repair services keep your equipment working properly.

For more information on how to control humidity in your home or business, call us at (855) 993-2290. Our HVAC products and services adhere to the highest industry standards and are backed with 24-hour support.