Why Air Duct Cleaning is Important to Your Health

Many individuals have seen instances where they receive a flyer from a company offering to clean their ducts to help improve their indoor air quality. Depending on where you are located, the cost of these services will vary greatly. Some of the key factors that attribute to the cost of these services include the size of your system, its accessibility, the degree of contamination, and the region in which you live.

The staff and crew at Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® are ready to help provide you with air duct cleaning as a means of improving indoor air quality. Duct cleaning refers to the cleaning of your cooling and heating components: your grilles, registers, return air ducts, diffusers, heating and cooling coils, heat exchangers, fan motor, drip pans, fan housing, and the housing for your air-handling unit. If the unit is not properly maintained, installed, and in operating condition, the components will end up becoming contaminated with dust particles, pollen, and various other pieces of debris. When moisture is present in your system, there is an enormous potential for mold to begin growing in your system components. Mold spores could potentially be released into the air inside of your home. Upon exposure to contaminants, individuals in the home could develop an allergic reaction and become sick.

Once you decide to have your heating and cooling system cleaned, you will want to ensure you are getting all of the components cleaned at the same time. To eliminate all of the harmful contaminants from your home, you need a thorough cleaning of your system. If you neglect to clean a component that is contaminated, you could end up re-contaminating your entire system and be right back where from where you started.

Employing the assistance of a qualified service technician provides you with the level of assistance you need to clean your home properly. When it comes time to hire an Augusta air conditioning company, take a moment and contact the staff at Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®. Staff is available to answer your questions at (706) 914-1617.