It is always a good idea to have a plan for what to do if your AC breaks. Most air conditioner problems require the services of an experienced Augusta, GA HVAC repair company like Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®. However, there are some simple repairs that you can easily perform on your air conditioner by yourself while you wait for the professionals to arrive. Use this troubleshooting guide to help you determine what to do if your AC breaks.

Check the Circuit Breaker

Sometimes a malfunctioning air conditioner may be the result of a simple blown fuse. Check the circuit breaker to make sure that power is being supplied to your AC unit. If blown fuses are a recurring problem, run the appliances in your home in shifts, or try connecting the air conditioner to a different breaker.

Inspect for Leaks

Check the drain pan for leaks or overflows. Many AC units shut off automatically if internal parts come in contact with water. Any leans in the internal drainage structure can cause your air conditioner to stop working. Empty the drainage pan and see if your air conditioner switches back on. For more extensive leaks, call a professional for help.

Clean the Unit

A dirty air conditioner may function inefficiently, or not function at all. Regularly replace the air filter inside your AC unit, and clean the evaporator and condenser coils at least once a year.

Contact a Professional

For a more serious issue with your air conditioner, it might be best to just wait for the professionals before attempting anything on your own. There are many types of AC repairs that are not only unsafe but also illegal to do on your own, so do not attempt them without a license. Now that you know what to do if your AC breaks, you can also make a more informed decision about how soon to contact the professionals at Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® at (706) 914-1617.