A leaky air conditioner is a perfect example of where troubleshooting simple repairs might save you the expense of calling in a professional. At Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®, we recommend that you try one of the following home repair methods first, before incurring the expense of a licensed technician.

AC technician changing air filter

The Causes of a Leaky Air Conditioner

Leaky air conditioners are a very common problem and are usually quite easy to fix once you know where to look. The reasons for a leaky air conditioner include:
  • A dirty filter
  • A plugged up condensate line
  • A hole or crack in the overflow pan

Changing the Filter

Air conditioning filters should be changed about every two months. Otherwise, the soiled filter can cause the formation of ice on the coils, which results in water when the ice melts. Set up a schedule, and change your filter regularly throughout the summer. When troubleshooting simple repairs, this step should always be your first.

Clearing a Condensate Line

You can unclog a condensate line with a wet/dry vacuum cleaner, or you can use a hand pump. You want to make sure that this line is kept clear to ensure that it does not cause the pan to get backed up and overflow.

Repairing the Overflow Pan

If you find small cracks or holes in the overflow pan, these can be repaired with an epoxy glue. However, if you find major damage, you should simply replace the pan.

Less Common Causes of Leaky Air Conditioners

Other less common causes of leaky air conditioners include a squashed or punctured hose, or a bubble in the hose line causing an airlock. Additionally, be sure that the entire length of the hose is running downhill. You also want to check that all the fittings on the hose are securely in place. Troubleshooting simple repairs to fix a leaky air conditioner can save you time and money. If you are unable to locate the source of the problem, contact Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® at (706) 914-1617. We are located in Augusta, Georgia and serve the surrounding area.