Air Conditioner Maintenance You Can Do on Your Own

Who doesn’t enjoy the warmer summer days? Taking a dip in your swimming pool or having a cookout on the deck are great ways to relax and enjoy the season. However, when the temperature outside turns too hot, you may want to enjoy staying indoors to avoid the heat. This is the time when you want your air conditioner to run smoothly without any outages. It’s ideal to complete some routine air conditioner maintenance tasks on your own before the heat comes knocking at your door. Knowing simple things you can do is sure to give you the peace you mind you need to face summer.

man working on an air conditioner

Change the Filters

You’ve probably heard this tip numerous times before, but it’s one of the easiest ways to help keep your home cool and save you money in the process. HVAC expert recommend putting in a clean air filter once every one to three months for optimal results.

Check the Breakers

Did your air conditioning suddenly stop running or simply didn’t come on at all? This could be a sign of a blown fuse and could be an easy fix you can complete without calling a professional. Simply ensure all the breakers are turned on before the heat of summer hits and this could save you from going a day without comfort in your home.

Clean Around the Unit

Take the time to hose off the coils on your outside unit and clean any weeds around it. This could help prevent your condenser from getting clogged and decreasing the ability to work properly. The best way to ensure your HVAC unit works when you need it is simply by maintaining it. Be sure to contact us Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® at (706) 914-1617 today if you need to schedule an annual tune-up!