In my experience in the heating and cooling business, I've seen a strange trend. Customers tend to lean towards brands that they've heard of before. There's a sort of "brand stigma," if you will. Well, I want to debunk that notion completely.

What I Mean by "Brand Stigma"

Customers, as I mentioned above, tend to go for the brand names that they recognize. Even if they've never had experience with brand XYZ, they'll still select it - regardless of price - because it sounds familiar. The truth of the matter is though, brand names aren't everything.

In fact, it really comes down to the job done. It's the tech that's working with the product - that is virtually the same, no matter who the manufacturer is - and that tech is the one who completes a job well done. The staff working with the product, doing the installation, and performing the maintenance are the real choices. These are what customers need to look for: experienced and talented specialists not brand names.

Installation and Knowledge Are The True Measures of Quality

I'd even go to the length to say that that the brand is only around 20% of the customer's satisfaction. Maintenance and professionalism are the more important factors.  Even if it's the "Best Product in The Whole World," if it's installed incorrectly, it won't work.

What I've Seen in the Past 20 Years

I've seen products that are lower-rated but are amazing and work so well. I've seen highly-review brands that are horrible and don't last very long. All in all, I'd say it's all about who's doing the installation. Call the Duggan team; we know the installation process and the maintenance like the backs of our hands, and that knowledge -instead of a brand name - is what you truly need. F:P:Sub:Phone}.