What Certifications Should My HVAC Company Have?

Your HVAC company needs to meet certain standards and expectations before you allow them to take a look at or work on your system. This is because, if they're not the right team or lack credibility, they could do more damage than was already present. To determine if the team is the right one for the job, look at their accreditations and certifications.

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Certifications Your HVAC Company Needs to Have

When it comes to certifications, it's crucial that the HVAC team you go with has an HVAC license issued by the state they operate it. This state license essentially documents that this professional has been vetted and proves to be knowledgeable on this subject matter; in essence, the state supports their work. This license is usually visible on the company's website or on their business card. If you don't see this number immediately present, you may not have a state-licensed tech. On that note, make sure the license exists for where the HVAC company operates. Sure, the HVAC company may be licensed in Texas, but that doesn't matter in Georgia. Each state has their own regulations and requirements. Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®, for example, has licenses in both Georgia and South Carolina because we service homes in both states.


This isn't necessarily a certification, but an accreditation is just as important. This lends credibility to the business you want to go with. Look to see if the HVAC company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This listing will show the history of the company, its overall rating with customers,  its licenses, and even provides customer reviews. This is the best way to research a company that you're considering using; if the company has a BBB accreditation, that means they stand by their work and believe that their customer reviews are valuable to their reputation.

Why Credentials and Certification Matter

In short, a listing with the BBB and state licenses in all the states they serve really solidifies an HVAC company as a credible and reputable team. Without it, you're sort of going into a business relationship blind; you could get burned as a result. Don't treat your HVAC system this way; call the certified and accredited Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® pros. (706) 914-1617.