There are a lot of duct cleaning companies out there - so many, in fact, that the number of choices can be overwhelming for some people. But if you take your time and do a little research beforehand, you'll find that the decision-making process will go a lot easier. Here are five tips that will help you make the right choice.

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1. Do a Little Digging into Air Duct Cleaning Companies

Check the background and experience of the air duct cleaning companies you're considering. Talk to each of them and find out not only how long they've been in business, but also how long their employees have performed the type of work that will be done in your home. Ask for referrals from previous customers, and ask friends, family members and neighbors if they've had air duct cleaning and if they have any recommendations.

2. Check the BBB

Go to the website of your local chapter of the Better Business Bureau to check the ratings of the companies on your list. If there are complaints, check to see whether or not they were resolved to the satisfaction of the customer.

3. Check for Insurance

Make sure that any company you invite into your home is fully insured. If it's not and some type of accident occurs, there's a chance you could be held liable if the company isn't covered.

4. Will Chemicals Be Used?

Ask the companies what kinds of chemicals will be used in your home. While this will help keep your ducts clean, there are some chemicals that could harm your health or the health of your family. Do some research on the chemicals that will be used to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

5. Find Out How Long it Will Take

If the service will take a long time, such as several hours or even a couple of days, then you might need to make arrangements for you, your children and your pets. Get in touch with Sub:BusinessName} and we will let you know exactly what to expect should you choose us for air duct cleaning. We have a great deal of experience providing this service, and you'll be able to count on us to get the job done quickly, and get it done right the first time. Contact us online or call (706) 914-1617 to schedule an appointment.


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