Installing a Ductless Mini Split System in Your Augusta, GA Home

Split air conditional system on a wall
At Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®, we always like to take some time to talk to our clients about an incredible product we’re proud to be a certified dealer for: the Daikin ductless mini split system. We are always eager to tell people about it, and here’s why: It is truly a superior product with an endless amount of features that make it the most innovative machine on the market today to heat and cool your home. Here’s why you need to highly consider installing a Daikin ductless mini split system as soon as possible.

Purified Air

You always want to know that the air you are breathing in is as clean and as purified as possible, but the reality is that so many air conditioning systems and heating methods do not always provide it. However, the Daikin ductless mini split certainly does! This machine is one of the few out there that has a multi-stage filtration system on top of a flash-steamer air purification system. The system traps debris and even mold spores, making it the absolute best system for those with severe allergies to buy. Those who suffer with respiratory conditions such as asthma will without a doubt experience easier breathing in their homes, too. But we all want to enjoy clean air, and everyone involved will be much happier about the air they are breathing after installation of the ductless mini split system.

Your Air on Your Terms

Programmable thermostats are sought after these days due to their ability to be put on a timer, controlled by a remote, or even through the user’s smartphone. They offer many more features, but their ease of use and ability to adjust temperatures in seconds is what makes them the most desirable. Daikin ductless mini split systems are just as easy to use – maybe even easier. They also come with a remote control, so you can adjust the temperature from the couch when you’re engrossed in your latest television show, if you’re still in bed and don’t want to get up, or from wherever you are in your home. You can also set your system on a timer just like a programmable thermostat, to have your machine only running while you are home. It even has a “home-leave” operation for exactly this reason – you can set it with the touch of a button as you are running out the door. This will save you a significant amount of money each month in energy costs.

Call Duggan’s Today to Install Yours

This was only a snapshot of the many additional features that Daikin provides in their ductless mini split system. There’s a reason we are certified to sell this equipment: we stand by it and it’s ability to create a healthier, more energy efficient home than other products out there. If you would like more information, or if you believe this is the heating and cooling machine for you, call Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® today. We can install and service these quality units in no time at all, and we are confident that you’ll be happy with the decision. Call us today at (706) 914-1617. We are based in Augusta, GA and serve surrounding cities in both Georgia and South Carolina.