Have you ever wondered whether you could only have one system that provides both your heating and cooling throughout different parts of the year? At Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® we offer a product that does just that. We always want to spread the word about the incredible innovation that is the Daikin ductless mini split system, and give you another option that can offer a great number of benefits – while keeping your home as comfortable as can be.

Temperature Control

The Daikin ductless mini split system offers incomparable temperature control around your entire home. This is due to its variable speed compressor, which promotes a consistent temperature across every room in your home. These machines themselves are not large, which makes this feat all the more impressive. You can change the temperature at any point, either by hand or with a remote control. The main controller itself is very straightforward – you will find it easy to use.

The Air Quality

This is perhaps the strongest feature that the ductless mini split system offers – especially if you are highly allergic or suffer from a respiratory condition like asthma. Daikin’s machine has multiple stages of filtration that completely purify your home’s air 1,000% faster than any other standard air system out there. So, no more irritants floating through the air that make it hard to be in your own home! Also, this machine will filter out the always-present mold spores to reduce the amount of exposure we cannot control.

The Best Investment

The above reasons are some of the most noteworthy, yet still don’t present all that the Daikin ductless mini split system has to offer. Having heating and cooling combined provides unparalleled energy efficiency, which will reduce your monthly electric bills. This is important, as fall and winter are coming, and we’ll need our heaters ready to run. There’s really only one thing that creates hesitation in our clients’ minds when deciding whether or not to install this revolutionary system – that’s the upfront cost. The price for a ductless mini split air system is about 30% more expensive than a standard air conditioning unit. But we can promise you this – the added up-front cost is nothing compared to the benefits it provides. You will get a longer lifespan, lower utility bills, and an exceptionally comfortable home. Over time, this “little more at the beginning” will be forgotten as you continue to enjoy these benefits.

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