Mold in My Vent, Help!

Mold in air vent

Occasionally, individuals will find mold growing inside air-conditioning and heating vents in their homes. This is a dangerous situation because it can cause health problems such as asthma attacks, itchy eyes and nausea. Mold spores are often located throughout a home on surfaces including drywall, carpeting and furniture. Most individuals keep exposed surfaces clean by vacuuming and dusting frequently. The spores also require moisture to begin growing large mold colonies that develop into fuzzy areas with strange colors such as green, orange or yellow. Most individuals will notice these discolorations immediately and take action to get rid of the mold.

Control Humidity

If you are maintaining a home at a steady temperature with air-conditioning in the Largo, Fla. area, then having mold growth inside vents seldom occurs. However, this geographic region also has high humidity levels that often cause moisture buildup in the venting system of a home. It is possible for mold to grow deep inside a building’s ductwork for months or years before it is noticeable. People living inside a mold infested home may have allergic symptoms including itchy skin or frequent sneezing. Signs of a mold infestation include having a strange musty odor in the air inside a building that is stronger when an air conditioner is operating.

Professional Services

Cleaning mold from ductwork and vents is a difficult and dangerous task that requires experts from One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Clearwater Fla. Customers enjoy our professional climate control services because we always arrive at the scheduled time. You can count on our team for installation, repairs and maintenance of cooling and heating units for private residences and commercial properties. If you notice mold inside or near a building’s ventilation system, turn off climate control devices immediately. Fast action is required to determine the cause of the mold while completing a safe cleanup to prevent additional damage.

Knowledgeable Technicians

We have the best mold remediation equipment to clean and sanitize ductwork throughout a building to prevent illness and respiratory distress. When you call a knowledgeable heating and air-conditioning technician to install better filtering and humidity control equipment in a building, you are less like to have mold growing on vents. Our team understands how to use industrial-strength equipment to circulate the air inside a building while removing mold from vents and ducts to prevent damage to interior structures, such as wall insulation.