Why an Air Filtration System is Important

changing air filter

Data from the Environmental Protection Agency shows that indoor air pollution is the leading environmental health problem because its rate of pollution is 10 times more than outdoor air.

According to the American College of Allergies, indoor air is responsible for half of all illnesses. The problem is getting worse considering the measures taken to make modern homes more energy-efficient. Many homes have improved insulation, high-quality exterior doors, windows and weather-stripping, which literally trap air within the houses.

To the contrary, the harmful particles in the air outdoors dissipate freely into the atmosphere, which is purified by rainfall and wind.

Old vs. New Home Filtration

Both new and old homes face this risk. While older homes tend to contain mold spores and different types of fungi, newer homes have high-levels of chemical off-gasses from things like paint, carpets and furniture.

The pollutants usually cause different health problems, including respiratory irritation, nausea, headaches and other flu-like symptoms. They also make existing illnesses worse.

How to Clean Indoor-Air

Air filtration systems play an important role in eliminating pollutants in indoor air. Homeowners can use different methods to remove pollutants, the most popular of which are washing, dusting and vacuuming. These methods help to reduce the concentration of airborne particles, but they still leave unacceptably high-levels of air pollutants.

Some of the pollutants do not land on surfaces and others are too small to be contained inside a vacuum cleaner. The best way to remove pollutants from indoor-air is to use an air filtration system.

Such a system can remove both carcinogenic toxins and biological agents in the indoor air. In addition to removing the pollutants, an air filtration system restores the normal level of oxygen in a house. The oxygen content within confined spaces that separate indoor-air from outdoor-air tends to drop over time, which also creates more health complications.

How to Choose a Good Air Filtration System

There are many types of HVAC systems on the market, and homeowners must know how to make the right choice. The three important considerations are:

  • Efficiency
  • Maintenance
  • Cost

The best air filtration system closely matches the contents, occupancy and particular size of the indoor space that needs to be purified.