Central air conditioning uses an arrangement of supply and return ducts to circulate air throughout a house to keep it cool. These types of air conditioners are more efficient than room air conditioners. In addition, they are placed out of the way, silent, and very easy to operate. There are two basic types of central air conditioners, a split-system unit and a packaged unit.

A split-system, the most common type air conditioner, consists of an outdoor metal cabinet that includes a compressor, condenser and an indoor cabinet that contains the evaporator. Usually, with split systems the indoor cabinet houses a furnace or the indoor part of a heat pump. The evaporator coil within the air conditioner is installed in the main supply duct of the furnace or heat pump. Largo, FL homes that have a furnace but no air conditioner should have a split-system unit installed because it is the most economical.

Specialty Type AC

A specialty type of air conditioner is known as the ductless mini-split system. With this type of system, each room or region has its own handler that connects to the outdoor unit by way of a conduit that transfers the power, refrigerant and condensate lines. The non-use of ducts decreases energy losses, which in the long run saves money. This type of system allows the temperature in certain areas to be controlled individually. Mini-split central air conditioners usually cost a little more than conventional split systems.

There are also small-diameter high-velocity split systems. They consist of insulated flex ducts small enough for easier installation into existing walls than old-style ducts. These types of air conditioners use a special fan coil and air manager unit to produce strong air pressure and force it through the smaller ducts. However, small-diameter high-velocity split systems will not save as much energy as other types of central air conditioners.

Another option is the packaged central air conditioner. This system is comprised of the condenser, compressor and evaporator all in one unit. This type of system is usually placed on the roof or on a concrete slab next to the foundation of a house. They also function in small commercial buildings. The package air conditioner connects to a house or building using air supply and return ducts that come inside through an exterior wall or from the roof. Packaged systems usually include electric coils that heat up or a natural gas furnace. The air conditioner and central heater combined, eliminate the need for an indoor furnace.