Recently, Dubai has unveiled plans to create their own air conditioner “mini-city”. If built, this could be the biggest advancement in indoor comfort since Willis Carrier invented the air conditioner in 1902. While a climate controlled city might seem like overkill, it is needed in a place like Dubai. Their summers can get up to 120°F, making our Florida summers look mild.

At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Clearwater, we are always keeping an eye out for the latest innovations in indoor comfort, which is why we are so excited to see what new air conditioning technologies Dubai develops.

Mall of the Future

Technically, Dubai isn’t building a mini-city, but a mall. Called the Mall of the World, this shopping center will be unlike anything we have ever seen. In the United States, a mall is generally made up of a few big department stores, surrounded by smaller chain retail shops, and a food court. In Dubai, the Mall of the World will take up over 8-million-square-feet and include 100 hotels, plastic surgery centers, event spaces and a theater district the size of Broadway. Oh, and of course, what mall wouldn’t be complete without a full size waterfall pouring into a man-made lake big enough to sail a boat? So while Dubai might choose to call it a “mall,” the rest of the world is calling it a mini city.

Cool All Year

In the winter, Dubai averages around a 75°F. This pleasant temperature means that there will be no need to waste energy on AC. To accommodate for the mild winters, the Mall of the World will include a retractable roof. All outside areas will be covered and cooled by the glass roof in the summer, but in the winter the roof will be retracted so shoppers can enjoy Dubai’s natural climate. This keeps visitors at a comfortable temperature all year round while conserving energy.

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