What Life Might Be Like Without Air Conditioning

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It’s no secret that most of us are addicted to our modern conveniences—specifically speaking, air conditioning. AC has enabled us to stay cool and comfortable year-round but has also made many of us dependent on the convenience of having cold air whenever we want. Can you image a life without AC? Here’s what it might be like:

We’d Spend More Time Outside

A life without AC would mean that the inside our homes and businesses would be sweltering, especially during the warmest months. As a result, we’d all spend more time outside to attempt to cool down…which might not be such a bad thing. Kids might actually drop those gaming system controllers, head outdoors, and team up with some friends for a neighborhood game of football—a nice change from hours spent glued to a television screen.

We’d Schedule Our Day Around the Temperature

Life with AC would affect how the average person schedules their day. The standard American works a job Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and isn’t typically affected by hot temperatures thanks to air conditioning (unless you work outside in the sun—in that case, we give you credit for dealing with scorching heat). AC-less life would mean that workdays would probably start earlier or later so people could avoid working midday when temperatures peak. Similarly, people would probably run errands only when the sun was down.

We’d Use Other Methods to Cool Down

To keep cool, people would likely use alternative methods of AC. Adding porches to hangout outside would be commonplace and more trees would be planted to provide shade. Some might cool down old-style by hanging wet towels in doorways, drinking lots of ice-cold water, or refrigerating their bed sheets before sleeping.

The Internet Could Be a Thing of the Past

This is a scary thought, but without AC, our beloved and relied on internet could be no longer. The internet relies on servers that have to be a certain cooler temperature to avoid catching on fire, so no AC would likely mean no web access. Say goodbye to your Farmville account and mobile banking! On a more serious note, this would also greatly affect businesses that rely on internet, so there’s another reason to praise your AC.

Entire Cities Would Be Uninhabitable

More things are dependent on air conditioning than you might think, including entire cities. Think about the popular vacation destination Las Vegas—Vegas has reached 117 degrees before during the summer and would be basically unlivable if it weren’t for AC. The AC is a huge reason why Vegas’ hotels are so popular. People would likely move away if they lived in a city that was too hot which would crush businesses and turn popular cities into ghost towns.

Although we may be addicted to our modern conveniences, it’s no mystery that air conditioning makes life a lot better. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Clearwater understands just how important AC is and wants to help you and we want your family stay cool and comfortable year-round. If your air conditioning system is acting up, contact the professionals at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Clearwater today.