What AC Unit is Right for My Mobile Home?

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Choosing effective air conditioning for your mobile home can be quite a challenge. Heat tends to build up in a mobile home because of its small size. Yet, most mobile homes are longer than they are wide, with typical single wide homes being only 14 feet in width, and as long as 70 or 80 feet. This presents a challenge in placing window air conditioners so that that cool air will effectively be distributed. Even though mobile homes tend to have total square footage that an a/c system CAN cool, the length of the home doesn’t allow the air coming from the unit to be distributed thoroughly. Smaller air conditioners may be chosen for lower cost, but since most mobile homes have an open space for the living room and kitchen, a smaller unit doesn’t always cool those areas well enough.

The Ideal Solution?

So, what’s the ideal solution for mobile home air conditioning? Central air. The cool air will be forced through your vents, which are typically present in every room of the mobile home. The cost of central air conditioning in a mobile home is often much less than the cost of placing it in a larger home.

As a mobile homeowner, in choosing to purchase window air conditioners, it’s best to have more than one. A mobile home bedroom can be cooled very effectively, by simply placing a small air conditioner in the window. The biggest challenge is finding an appropriate air conditioner to cool your open living room and kitchen space. Placing the air conditioner in a window of your home that faces east or north, is way more effective than placing it in a south or west-facing window.

A portable air conditioner is another option, yet a way more expensive option. A portable air conditioner can be transported to whatever room in your home that’s in need of cooling. Using a fan with an air conditioner can increase comfort levels. When you position a fan near your air conditioner and face it away from you’re a/c system, you can pull cool air through the room. Ceiling fans are also a very effective way to distribute cool air through the room and add a noticeable cooling breeze.