5 Ways to Keep Cool When the Power Goes Out


There are many things that could potentially cause a power outage during the warm summer months. Whatever the cause may be, there is no need to panic!

The first thing you should do is determine whether you are the only one without power. If you know where your fuse box is, check for tripped switches or blown fuses. If this is the case, reset the breaker or replace the fuse.

Try to remember that this inconvenient blackout will pass shortly. If a rolling blackout is implemented in your area, the electricity should come back on within 30-90 minutes. Until it comes back on, stay in the coolest part of your house. If you are outside, move indoors.

If the power to your home is out for a prolonged period, know and understand important safety precautions and steps to cope with the heat until power is restored:

  • Call your electric company immediately to report the outage
  • Dress appropriately. Loose or lightweight clothes can help you stay cool
  • Open your windows and doors to create a natural cross breeze. Also, battery-powered fans are a useful item to have handy
  • Heat rises, so be sure to move down to the lowest level of your house, as this is generally the coolest
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Also, avoid drinks that can dehydrate you such as alcohol and caffeine
  • If the AC goes off during the day, consider going to a public place, such as a mall or library, that has air conditioning.

Florida can be home to extreme weather. Here in Tampa, we are prone to strong storms, such as hurricanes during the summer months. On average, in the United States approximately 175 people a year die from extreme heat exhaustion. Children, the elderly, or those who are sick, are at a higher risk. Follow the above five tips in order to keep cool when your power goes out.

Remember to call One Hour Air in Largo first thing when your power goes out. We are more than happy to repair your AC and get you back on track!