How Can My Home Benefit From a Zoning System?

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Dealing with inconsistent home comfort or high-energy bills? If so, you may want to examine the benefits of a zoning system. Your central heating and air conditioning involves a hidden circuit of ducts that transfer conditioned air to various locations.  Yet, trying to heat the whole structure equally, often produces inefficient results. System zoning, however, can enhance home comfort by heating or cooling only the areas in need at a given time.

What Is a Zoning System?

Zoning is accomplished by the installation of special dampers in your air ducts. When open, the dampers allow conditioned air to flow to the related area. While, when the dampers are closed, the conditioned air bypasses certain areas— allowing you to focus heating and cooling energy on spaces that need extra comfort control

Electronic controls work to direct the opening or closing of the dampers. A common thermostat designed for use with a zoning configuration, can signal controls based on advanced programming. You can easily adjust settings as needed to fine-tune your home comfort levels.

Does My Home Need System Zoning?

It’s recommended to consult with a heating and cooling expert as you decide on any major changes to your HVAC system. Zoned air conditioning, may be helpful if you experience some of the following issues:

Inconsistency in temperature control of a multi-level home: If your upstairs and downstairs temperatures are dramatically different, a zoning configuration could help, by sending heated or cooled air to the spaces with inadequate comfort levels.

Hot or cold spots in a large single-level home: Large homes may experience a loss of heating and cooling intensity in rooms that are farther from the central unit. Zoning may improve delivery to these areas, by closing dampers to rooms closer to your central system.

Structural factors: In addition to size of a home, issues like landscaping and building materials, may lead to inconsistencies in temperatures from area to area. Zoning can easily improve these issues.

We can provide an evaluation of your system and related issues, to help in finding sources of inconsistencies in comfort control. While zoning may be the right solution, it’s important to have expert assistance in selecting the best components and installing them in your residence.