How to Hide Your Outdoor Air Conditioner

A homeowner staining the barricade around their air conditioning unit

We appreciate all that our air conditioners do for us, but that doesn’t mean we want to look at them all the time! Outdoor condenser units may keep our homes comfortable, but they leave an eyesore in the yard. Hiding your air conditioner will not only beautify your outdoor space, it will protect your unit from harmful debris. Here are just a few tips on how to hide your ugly outdoor air conditioner unit.

Put Up a Barricade

The best way to block your outdoor unit from sight is by building a barricade. Lattice panels offer an attractive way to camouflage your AC unit. You can get them in a variety of styles and colors to blend in almost seamlessly with your home. They will seem like a natural extension of your house rather than an obvious attempt at hiding your unit. Plus, lattice panels will block debris from your unit while not impeding on your AC’s air flow.

For a more vintage and fun way of barricading your AC, skip the traditional fencing options, and use some large, reclaimed window shutters to do the job. They will give your garden a whimsical touch while hiding your unsightly AC.

Plant Around It

For those with a green thumb, planting around your outdoor unit might be the best solution. Large shrubs and hedges can offer a nice way of camouflaging your AC while adding to the beauty of your garden. If you’re going for a neater look for your backyard, try some uniformed, well maintained hedges. For those who like a wilder looking garden, go for a wide range of plants. Try some large canna lilies, ornamental grass or elephant ear to hide your unit.

A word of caution when planting around your AC, don’t get too close to your unit. Plants that are too near your outdoor AC might impede air flow and land debris in your unit. To ensure this doesn’t happen, keep in mind how large the plant will get before adding it to your garden. Also, put a small fence around your unit to protect it from invasive plants.

Dual Purpose

When fencing in your outdoor unit, why not give the new structure a dual purpose. Enclose your air conditioner on all sides, including from the top. On the top of your now hidden AC, build a structure for large gardening tools. This is a great idea for those who are short on space in their backyard.

However you decide to hide your outdoor AC unit, be sure to allow plenty of airflow, and easy access for your AC technician to service your air conditioner. For all your home’s HVAC needs, call the trusted professionals at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Clearwater today!