Does the air in your home feel musty? Is the dust impossible to get rid of? Does allergy season seem to never end for you? Is your energy bill unexplainably high?

If you found yourself mouthing or nodding your head “yes,” to any of those questions, you have one more question to answer:

When is the last time you changed the filter in your air conditioner?

If the last time that you changed your air filter was more than a couple of months ago, this is actually good news for you. Why? Because it means the solution to your problem may be as simple as replacing your air filter. Here’s how beginning each month with a fresh filter can keep you healthier, more productive and with more of your money in your pocket:

Improved Indoor Air Quality

It’s an air filter’s job to catch particles in the air before they enter your air handler. But, when we wait too long to change our filters, dirt, dust, pet dander, mold, pollen and other airborne particles begin to build up. Eventually, the filter can no longer catch all the debris it encounters and the potentially harmful particles continue circulating through the air you breath.

That’s bad news for anyone with lungs, but it can be especially harmful to those with allergies or respiratory issues, such as asthma. The good news, however, is that by simply replacing your filter once a month you can drastically improve your indoor air quality. Who knows? Maybe you were never really allergic to your roommate’s cat after all!

Less Time Cleaning

An air filter can only trap so much dust and after a while, the filter becomes clogged and all the dust it would normally catch continues circulating through your air. This can cause all of the places in your home that are prone to collecting dust – windowsills, bookshelves, picture frames and more – to become even dustier. It may seem as though you and your dust mop will never catch up. But what if you could cut down the amount of dust that collects in your home in the first place? Wouldn’t your cleaning routine be just a little bit easier? Change your filter once a month and you’ll see a difference!

Lower Energy Bills

On average, the energy your air conditioner uses makes up about half of your energy bill. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your AC unit is operating at maximum efficiency. Your AC runs more efficiently when the filter is clean and that means that it uses less energy to do its job. And using less energy means a lower energy bill each month!

Join the Filter Club!

If remembering to change your filter every month sounds like a daunting task, or you’re just the kind of person who appreciates convenience, it’s time to join One Hour Air Largo’s Filter Club. As part of our Filter Club, you will receive 12 filters a year to fit your AC register. We’ll even email you a reminder when it’s time to put a new one in. Sign up today!