It’s AC Spring Maintenance Time!

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Spring is here again and with it comes longer days, warmer temperatures and the yearly tradition known as spring-cleaning. Spring-cleaning entails thoroughly cleaning your home and garage, but for some it also involves cleaning your AC system. Since your last AC checkup, allergens, bacteria, dust and mold have developed inside your system. If left unattended for too long, they can blow into your home and degrade the quality of your indoor air. In addition to the upkeep of the quality of air inside your home, here are some reasons it’s time to have a maintenance check performed on your AC system this season.

Potential Health Problems

Poor indoor air means poor health for those indoors. Living in a poorly ventilated home and breathing in poor air could lead to the following symptoms:

– Irritation of eyes, nose and or throat
– Headaches
– Dizziness
– Fatigue

In most cases, avoiding exposure to the source of pollution once it’s identified can treat these symptoms. More serious health effects may surface years after long periods of exposure. This includes respiratory diseases, heart disease and cancer.

Save Money

It costs more money to run a clogged AC system all year than it would to hire a technician to perform a maintenance check twice in a year. Getting your AC system cleaned will allow it to run as efficiently as possible using the least amount of energy necessary to cool or warm your home.

Prolong Your AC System’s Life Span

An air conditioning system is big investment worth thousands of dollars, so you will want to keep your investment working for as long as possible. One faulty system part can worsen the function of the entire system and eventually cause other parts to become faulty as well. Consistent maintenance is the best way to keep your system working as any potential problems can be caught early and be solved.

Call the Professionals at One Hour Air Today

Make One Hour Air’s maintenance services part of your spring-cleaning this season. Our technicians will check, diagnose and repair any and all problems within your system. Contact us today to learn more about our maintenance checkups and to schedule an appointment this season.