Why It’s Time to Upgrade From Your Window Unit

Ac unit in the window

If you cool your home with a window unit, you know the air conditioning woes that can come along with the clunky appliance. While window units can provide some comfort and relief from the heat, window units also tout numerous inconveniences. Here’s why it’s time to upgrade to a central air conditioning system.

Controlled Comfort

The biggest benefit central air conditioning systems boast is controlled comfort throughout your entire home. While window units can provide cool air, they can only cool one room. This means that if you want all areas of your home to be cool, you’ll have to rely on multiple window units. A central air conditioning system on the other hand employs a series of elaborate ductwork, which works to supply cool and conditioned air to every area in your home.

Less Noise

One of the biggest inconveniences of a window unit is the noise factor. Window units are positioned so that they sit inside of your home. The result? noise… and lots of it depending the make, model and age of your window unit. When you upgrade to a central air conditioning system, noise will no longer be a factor since the main component of the appliance is located outdoors.


Let’s be real—window units aren’t exactly comparable to that nice painting you have hanging on the wall. Window units tend to be drab, boxy and less than aesthetically pleasing. One of the many benefits of upgrading to a central air conditioning system is that it’s located outdoors, meaning you won’t have to constantly look at the system.


For being a complex appliance, central air conditioning systems are very user-friendly and amazingly functional. No matter what style of central air conditioning system you opt for, the systems make it easy to control the temperature in multiple rooms from a single, convenient console.

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