There’s nothing worse than turning on your air conditioner and standing by as your home fills with the smell of rotten eggs. If your air conditioner has a strong odor, you’ll need to figure out what might be causing the smell and how to address the problem fast.


It’s no secret that sewage emits a noxious odor. What you may not know is that a ruptured sewer pipe near your air duct system may cause your home to fill with a sulfurous stench when you turn on your air conditioner. A ruptured sewer pipe is not only smelly, it’s dangerous. You’ll need to have a licensed plumber inspect your pipes and repair them if needed.

Dead Animals

Nobody likes to think about the possibility, but it’s not uncommon for small animals such as mice, rats or other rodents to gain access to your air ducts and die there. This is especially common in the winter months when animals are cold and seeking shelter. If there is a dead animal in your ducts, you will smell the problem whenever you turn on your air conditioner. You’ll need to have your ducts professionally cleaned to remove the animal and anything it left behind.

Natural Gas

The scariest possibility for why your air conditioner smells like rotten eggs is a natural gas leak. This isn’t a natural HVAC smell, and it can have lethal consequences. Don’t investigate or troubleshoot this problem, instead call a professional right away. You’ll need to call your gas company to shut off your gas and hire a licensed repair professional.

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