The Seasonal Change Means Seasonal Maintenance

Woman adjusting temperature on thermostat

April 2014

Central heating and air conditioning should help you keep your sinuses and lungs healthy, not irritate them. Healthy indoor air requires some maintenance on your part. The time you spend changing filters and checking blowers in the spring will pay off in a big way. Take the time to complete these five simple seasonal maintenance chores, or call us and let a professional take care of them for you.

Stock Up on Filters

During the spring and summer season, many homeowners need to change their air filter monthly just to keep pollen and dust levels under control. Buy larger packs of filters fitting your system so you have them on hand. Commit to checking the filter once a month and replacing it if needed.

Cleaning the Condenser

Your A/C unit cannot produce much cool air when the condenser coil becomes covered with a thick layer of dust. Since this chore usually requires opening the housing, it's better to have a technician handle it for you once a year. A clean condenser is more efficient, which could cut your energy bills for cooling.

Take Care of Your Fans

The blowers that move cool air through the home need attention in the spring as well. Cleaning off the dust that builds up on the blades reduces drag and can restore good air flow. It also extends the life of the parts, reducing the number of HVAC repair calls you will make over the course of the year.

Calibrate the Thermostat

If it's been a few years since the thermostat has been tested, it may suffer from a calibration problem. Quick adjustments put an end to unwanted cooling or difficulties getting the system to switch on.

Finish with the Furnace

Finally, don't forget to have your heating equipment inspected in the spring as you stop using it. This prevents little problems from going untreated until you need the heat again next autumn. We can help you prevent costly and time-consuming system breakdowns that tend to strike on the coldest days of the year.