January 2014

When a heating or air conditioning unit goes out, it can be an unpleasant surprise during the extreme weather of summer and winter months. Hiring a company to repair or replace can seem like an overwhelming task because you do not want a second rate heating and cooling company that will offer only sub-par service and need to return again and again. Here are five tips to help you choose the best heating and cooling contractor.

Word Of Mouth

Most people have had to get their heating and cooling units repaired at some point. Ask your friends and neighbors their opinion on the contractors they hired. Often you can get insight from customers that you will not find anywhere else.

Go For the Established Company

A company's reputation is important, so choose a company with experience and a solid reputation in your area if you want to be sure to get a certain level of quality. New businesses deserve to get a break, and surely many of them are professional; however, a name you can trust means something when it comes to having contractors in your home.

Be Informed About Rebates

Many brands of HVAC units offer annual and bi-annual rebates and tax incentives on new units to qualified customers. If you are replacing an old unit, it would save you a lot of money to buy a new unit while there are rebates available on the best brands.

Check Out Review Sites

Online review sites are a way to find out if the contractor you are considering is worth your money and trust. However do not be put off if the company you are considering is not reviewed at all, because sometimes people only take the time to review if they have a complaint. It is worth your time to check though, because finding out five people in your area complained about faulty service or unprofessional behavior after you have already hired the company is not ideal.

Do Not Go In Blindly

Research heating and cooling standards, the newest technology, the company you are considering, and price ranges for the service you are purchasing. Ask about NATE certification and licensing, and find out about the quality of help the contractor hires. This is an important purchase and these people will be on your property. Do a little research before committing.