Protect Your Home from Flooding This Spring

March 2014

Basements often become prized possessions of homeowners, as they can take on a number of different uses. They may be integral for storing important things, or they may be fun game rooms for kids or even adults who want to watch sports on the big screen or play ping pong, for example. So protecting your basement from flooding is very important not only from a functional standpoint, but also in terms of protecting the structure and foundation from serious water damage, which could be incredibly expensive to repair. Consider the following ways to protect your home from flooding this spring.

Look Outside the House for Places that Might Flood

Are the drains along your roof clogged? Are there depressions along the side of your house that may lead to water pooling during a torrential rainstorm? Is there proper drainage from your yard into your street, or does water flow back toward your home? All of these things should be examined before anything else, as this will stave off the source of the flooding in the first place. It may cost some money to build drains or platforms to divert the water, but it is much cheaper to do this now than deal with damage from basement flooding after the fact.

Install a Sump Pump

Sump pumps can be installed in basements to help pump water out if it does begin to flood. A sump pump is your first line of defense against basement flooding and can literally be the difference between a flooded basement and just a damp floor if a flood does occur. It may be a good idea to get a backup sump pump as well just in case the first one breaks while it is in use.

Install a Drain in the Basement

One of the main reasons basements flood on a regular basis is that they have no drainage installed in them, or they have a tiny drain that easily gets clogged. Make sure that you check drains for clogs or obstructions often. If you only have one drain in the basement, consider installing a few more so that water has somewhere to go if water breaches your foundation.