Cooling Your Home with a Broken AC


How to Keep the House Cool When the AC Goes Out

Corpus Christi is hot, humid, and muggy: everything that makes you want to crank the air higher and relax indoors. But what do you do when your air conditioner or mini-split gives out and you need to cool your home the old-fashioned way?

With the AC broken, here’s how to cool down your house, with or without power.

Tips to Stay Cool if Only Your Air Conditioner Is Broken

If your AC is the only thing broken, you’re in luck! There are plenty of other ways to cool down that use power:

  • Learn how to create a cross-breeze. Good airflow makes everything feel cooler. You can encourage a cross-breeze at home by opening windows on different walls. Place fans in them, one pointing out to get rid of hot air and one pointing in to draw in cool air. Try to choose windows that aren’t directly opposite each other, creating a longer path for the air to move inside.

  • Switch on the ceiling fan. Does running the fan help cool the house? Yes! Ceiling fans may not be as effective as cool air coming from your AC, heat pump, or mini-split, but any moving air will make your sweat evaporate faster and cool your skin. Make sure your fan is spinning counterclockwise to push cool air down.

  • Avoid cooking and baking. Nothing heats your home like running the oven. Whenever possible, do your cooking in the early morning or the evening. It’s also the perfect opportunity to use the grill, keeping all the heat outdoors.

  • Run your kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans. You create excess heat and humidity in both rooms, so make sure to vent them whenever possible.

  • Call for AC repair. Do you want your air conditioner working again? So do we! Call for air conditioner repairs to get back to relaxing in comfort.


How to Stay Cool without Power

If you’re hot because the power’s out, opt for more low-tech solutions:

  • Take a cool shower. You’re going to run out of hot water soon anyway. Make it last by keeping your showers cool or lukewarm to bring your body temperature down. If you can’t do a chilly shower or bath, put cold, wet washcloths on your face, neck, or wrists.

  • Stay hydrated. Your body sweats to cool off and you need water to make sweat. The water doesn’t have to be ice-cold to help you cool off!

  • Close the curtains. Block out heat-filled sunshine during the day, then open your windows in the evening to make the most of cooler night air.

  • Reach for cotton or linen. Whether it’s your clothes or your bed sheets, natural fabrics are more breathable than synthetic ones. Cotton and linen give your skin the most breathing room.

  • Head lower in your home. Whenever possible, spend your time on the lower levels of your home. Basements are rare in Corpus Christi, but even sleeping in the living room instead of a second-story bedroom can help you avoid heat as it rises.

  • Eat cold food and skip the alcohol. Eating cool or room-temperature meals like salads, fruit, or cold sandwiches can keep you from heating up. Alcohol, on the other hand, makes you dehydrated and often makes you feel warmer.


Remember, if the temperatures are extreme, it’s always safest to go somewhere with functional air conditioning to cool off. DIY hacks can only do so much.

The Dangers of Extreme Heat without Cooling Your Home

Corpus Christi easily reaches into the mid-90s in the summer, sometimes breaking 100 degrees, especially when you factor in humidity. With heat like ours, it can easily become dangerous to go too long without your cooling system. High temperatures are especially dangerous for children, the elderly, those who are sick, and even your pets.

People who are too hot for too long can easily become fatigued and dehydrated and may suffer from heat stroke. If the temperatures are particularly high when your AC breaks, call for emergency repairs for the quickest fix. You can access a cooling center nearby while you wait for repairs.

Get Your Air Conditioner Back up and Cooling with Help from the Pros

Contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Corpus Christi for fast emergency repairs. We’ll get your Corpus Christi air conditioning system working again fast. No need to suffer when you can get back to cool comfort instead! Call us at (361) 245-3945 or book online.