Get Your AC Tune up for Summer!

Time flies as they say, and before we know it summer will be here. Warmer temps have already started to arrive, and even though your home’s air conditioner may not be getting much of  a workout yet, a lot will be asked of it in the days ahead. If you haven’t had your AC unit serviced this year, now is the time to call our friendly staff at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Elk Grove to schedule a home AC Tune Up to ensure your system is in tip top shape for the hot days ahead.

High Performance

Since your last tune up/cleaning/inspection your air conditioner may have collected dirt, dust, leaves and other debris that can hamper its performance. In additon, working components may have deteriorated. Like your car, your AC unit needs regular maintenance to perform at its very best. Home air conditioners, as well designed as they are, can lose about five percent of their efficiency each year if not properly maintained (Sustainable sources).

What You Can Do

Most maintenance should be left to well trained, licensed HVAC technicians. But every homeowner can change the AC/HVAC filter. How often depends on your AC model’s manufacturer specifications. In addition, if you have family pets or family members with allergies or respiratory challenges, you’re encouraged to change your filter more often. A clogged, dirt filled HVAC filter restricts proper air flow, putting more strain on the equipment. A clogged filter also loses its ability to properly filter out dirt and dust. FYI: normal filters are designed mainly to keep your HVAC system healthy, and most usually fail to catch tiny, damaging molecules that hurt people. Ask us about indoor air quality solutions that keep your family healthier and safer.

Let The Pros Handle It

Your main outdoor unit, AKA the condenser, may need a thorough cleaning. Our expertly qualified HVAC techs can remove the panels, clean the unit and ensure all parts are in safe working order. And if any problems are discovered within the sealed refrigeration component, it is definitely NOT a do it yourself job. When performing maintenance, our technicians will also:

  • Test all the electrical components of the unit
  • Give the motor a test run
  • Make sure your thermostat is functioning properly
  • Inspect the coils, capacitors, contractors and other parts

When everything is finished, we’ll go over work performed and provide a detailed report for your records. If you have any questions, we’ll happily answer them. What we won’t do is push unnecessary repairs or tell you the system needs replaced if that’s not the honest, best course of action.

With convenient appointments seven days a week and a $79 Tune Up special for first-time customers, right now is the perfect time to call our friendly customer service team, experience our legendary customer service, and give your air conditioning the care it needs to care for your family this summer and beyond!

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