How Top-Notch Contractors Carry out Furnace Troubleshooting & Repairs ?

Right before calling a furnace repair service in Streamwood, IL you might want to know how top-notch contractors do the job right. That way, you can screen your options better and choose the best HVAC contractor. This would be none other than the team which can get it all done seamlessly and for the best value for money.

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The following are some of the most common furnace problems and how great providers of furnace repair service in Streamwood, IL go about solving them.

Furnace is providing some heat but not enough

  1. The technician follows the basic step below to solve this problem:
  2. Be certain that nothing blocks the warm air flow.
  3. Set the thermostat properly. Raise the set temperature 5 degrees and wait a few minutes.
  4. Ensure that the room heating registers are all open.

Check the filter. Replace it if it’s totally dirty.

Every furnace repair service Streamwood, IL differs since each company has various approaches and tools. But the bottom-line is to choose the company that uses the most advanced ways and earns the most sophisticated reputation day in and out, like One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning in Elk Grove.

Furnace does not heat at all

Most of the heating system errors are due to a tripped circuit breaker, a blown fuse, a malfunctioning thermostat, or a pilot light gone out. If it still does not heat after adjusting the thermostat above room temperature, the technician ensures that the thermostat of the heater is set to “Heat” (if the unit is for both heating and cooling). If the problem is a tripped circuit, the quick fix is just usually turning it off and then on to reset it.

Furnace does not seem to stop cycling on and off

It could be an issue with the thermostat. If your unit’s thermostat has a tiny lever which moves along a standardized scale which indicates “longer”, the technician adjusts this in a way that the calibration mark is close to the setting “longer” and then wait until the thermostat stabilizes. If this doesn’t work, they advise you to replace your thermostat.

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Furnace Doesn’t Blow Air

The furnace’s motor could still run without blowing air, but this is still a problem. Technicians’ quick fix is to turn off the unit’s power as well as the gas and gas valve. They remove the door on your furnace’s front cabinet and check the number stamped on your blower’s belt. They advise you to get exactly the same blower from their recommended heating supply outlet, and replace the old one.

Lack of Maintenance

Perhaps one of the most immediate issues that lack of proper maintenance brings about with an HVAC system is dirty air filters. In absence of proper maintenance your filter inevitably ends up choking off the air flow, which in turn makes it work far less efficiently. Even when you change your filter regularly though, debris and dirt can still get in the middle. Regular maintenance can alleviate the dreaded consequences and damage. Think along the lines of bent fan blades and dust in the motor – both of which can lead to more significant issues in your system.

Noisy Furnace or Duct-work

Most heating ducts are made of metal, thus the noise. The technicians insert a flexible insulation duct between the air conditioner and the furnace. For popping or pinging sounds from the duct-work, they locate where exactly the sound is coming from and make a small dent on the metal’s sheet. If it’s the furnace cabinet that’s making the noise, they ensure that its cover panels are tightly screwed. If the blower is making that grinding noise, they start doing the technical side of their furnace repair service Streamwood, IL. The motor bearings are most likely shot in this case.

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