If you need a new furnace, finding the right one for your home can often seem like a mammoth task when you don’t have any technical experience. Unlike other heating repairs and maintenance, furnace installation is one job that should always be left to the professionals. Here at One Hour, our team of heating technicians have decades of experience and are on hand to provide you with a full furnace installation service in Roselle, IL so you don’t have to worry. New furnaces come with far more features than the traditional models to give you the comfort and control we’ve come to expect in any modern home. However, this does make their installation more complex but the end result is well worth it with most homeowners noticing a marked improvement in performance and efficiency.

In the long run, the cost of replacing your old furnace will pay you back tenfold when they’re built to last 15 years when maintained properly and are proven to help many reduce their energy bills and promote a cleaner environment. To make sure you don’t get short changed or run into any problems with your new furnace, see below our top 7 things to know before you buy.

  1. Get A Proposal

To get your money’s worth, you want to only deal with certified HVAC technicians. All qualified heating experts give proposals that outline every aspect of the installation with the associated costs. Going for the lowest bidder often leaves you to open to problems in the future when a poor installation is twice as likely to need a service call out to fix errors or replace faulty equipment.

  1. Understanding Efficiency

The best thing about a new furnace and why we always encourage our customers to do away with their outdated units and get a furnace installation service in Roselle, IL is that the modern versions are highly efficient, which is better for your home, wallet and the environment. High efficient are durable and long lasting, but it’s important that a professional assess your home and previous model before suggesting the best replacement options. As putting a very high-efficiency furnace in some homes and locations can result in frequent and costly repairs.

  1. A Professional Should Always Install The Thermostat

Like all technology these days, furnaces and their controls can be pretty in-depth and tricky to setup without industry knowledge. If your thermostat is set incorrectly or not in sync with the unit itself it can lead to running issues and wreak havoc with your monthly bills. When installed correctly your new electronic thermostat will give you full control over the temperature throughout your home.

  1. Models and Pricing

Always know the manufacturer of your furnace before you buy and be sure that your technician provides you with all the relevant information regarding its performance, energy rating and warranty. At One Hour we detail all of the above in our initial proposal so you know exactly what you’re getting along with a summary of why we’ve recommended that particular furnace for you. We only stock reputable brands with 5-star energy ratings. One of the most common things ignored by tradesman is that older furnaces tend to be bulky systems, many customers can usually downsize when they get a replacement.

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