Common, Inexpensive Air Conditioning Repair Jobs

It’s only natural to be concerned when you find out that you need air conditioning repair. For a lot of us, hearing that news makes us automatically think that we’re in for a budget-busting experience. However, there are a lot of AC repairs that aren’t just inexpensive, they’re also easy for an expert to perform quickly. At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Elk Grove, we want you to be as comfortable as possible when you choose us to provide your service. We’d like to share some instances where you should be able to rest easy because your repair won’t drain your bank account.

1. A Dirty Air Filter

You’d be surprised how often the cause of a cooling system problem is simply a clogged air filter. By making sure you clean or replace your filter each month during cooling season, you may be able to completely avoid having to call us for air conditioning repair. An expert can come to your home and make sure that your system’s internal components are clear of dust and other debris.

2. A Faulty Thermostat

This issue can be fixed very quickly and affordably. It’s important, however, that you have it done as fast as possible. The longer you run your system with a bad thermostat, the longer it is running inefficiently. This is costing you more in your monthly energy bills than you should be paying.

3. A Bad Capacitor

The capacitors in your system provide the extra boost needed by components such as the fan and compressor so that they can start. If that boost isn’t there or it’s too weak, one or both of those components won’t be able to function. But switching out a capacitor is fast, easy and inexpensive.

Unfortunately, though, there are times when a major air conditioning repair is needed. In this type of instance, you’ll need to decide whether you’d be better off with a repair or a complete system replacement. Typically, if the cost of the repair would be 50 percent or more what a new system costs, it would make more sense to simply buy the new system. A professional with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Elk Grove can recommend the best system for your cooling needs. Contact us online or call us at (847) 744-9447 to schedule an appointment.