Extreme Cold Tips for Chicago Homeowners

It’s said there are two certainties in life – death and taxes. Does anyone have an issue with adding “sub-zero Januaries in Chicago” to that list? In the face of teeth chattering wind chills reaching -30 degrees and colder, hundreds of Chicago area schools decided it was best for children to stay home today (see ABC 7 Chicago story), rather than face the kind of cold that can cause frostbite within minutes of skin exposure. With a New Year welcoming us with frosty weather that makes staying indoors the highest priority, we at American Comfort’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning wanted to share some impactful tips and information to help Chicago area homeowners and their families cope with the extreme cold, and maintain a toasty warm castle all winter long:

  • Furnaces will have a LONG run time when temperatures drop below zero. Don’t be surprised that your heating system MAY not reach 70 on the thermostat. They are typically designed for a “0” degree day. Translation: furnaces are sized to maintain 70 degrees inside the home if  it’s zero outside. With sub-zero temps, HVAC systems have to work much harder to hit the mark you set. Accepting an inside temp a couple of degrees lower than normal will take some stress off your system.
  • Make sure you change your HVAC filter for maximum air flow. This will take some unnecessary workload off of your furnace, and help prevent possible mechanical breakdowns during the winter season.
  • Make sure the damper is closed when not using fireplaces. This will prevent warm air inside your house from getting pulled outside.
  • Open blinds and shades to let as much sunlight in as possible during the day to take advantage of natural heat.
  • If you neglected to get a heating system Tune Up before winter set in, it’s not too late. Having consistent seasonal maintenance and inspections performed on your HVAC system will ensure things are in optimal working order, and small problems can be uncovered and dealt with before they become big ones. For first-time customers, we offer an industry-best $79 Furnace Tune Up and Inspection.

If your heating system has a breakdown, we offer 24/7 emergency HVAC repair service at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Elk Grove. We are the top rated HVAC company in the entire Chicago region. We promise fast, reliable service from extremely well trained, friendly technicians. Our trucks come stocked with parts, so we’re able to fix most any repair on the spot. And our great rates are the same whether day, night, weekend or even on holidays. If you have any questions, or should you ever need furnace repair service, call our Elk Grove Village office at (847) 744-9447. And look for the ‘Free Service Call With Repair’ coupon on our website, for $109 in savings. We hope you and your family stay safe, warm and toasty all winter long!

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