Getting a Furnace Repair Is Cheaper Than You Think

Nobody wants to pay out more than they need to for any kind of service and yet many heating companies charge the earth for just coming out to take a look at your unit. It became clear to us here at One Hour that many people were putting off getting their furnaces repaired and checked to avoid being saddled with a large bill. We started to receive more emergency call outs for broken and malfunctioning furnaces and we realized we had to do something to help our customers understand that using a furnace repair service is probably cheaper than you think. When it comes to your heating system, fixing repairs is the most effective option and by far the cheapest too. To make the process simple and painless we offer a furnace repair service in the Hanover Park, IL area to ensure you never have to be left out in the cold.

What Is Included In A Furnace Repair?

When you call us and schedule a furnace repair service one of our expert technicians will come out and do a full assessment. The main reason we encourage people to get a full furnace repair service in Hanover, IL rather than hiring the cheapest local tradesman to do a one-off repair is that with the diagnostic report our technician will issue you will detail all aspects of your heating unit. Having this allows you to make an informed decision regarding any future works or upgraded needed to keep your home comfortable. The assessment checks all internal parts, function when running, the controls and the gas supply pipes and drain. So if your furnace hasn’t been performing well, chances are if it’s not caused by the repairs needed, our technicians can apply some simple adjustments to optimize your system. Doing this will automatically reduce the strain on your heating and could even save you a few dollars in fuel too.

How Much Will It Cost and How Can I Pay?

In general, the cost of your repair will vary on the work that needs doing. However, the One Hour team has devised a few options and plans to help you manage the cost of your furnace repair. We are pleased to be able to offer all our customers a selection of membership plans. Our basic plan starts at just $15.99 and covers you for two annual maintenance checks, 15% off all repair parts and front of the line appointment scheduling across all heating and air systems. The higher tiers offer further benefits such as free emergency call out and coverage for repairs of up to $2000 a year or $500 towards ago system replacement. If you cannot afford to sign up for a protection plan, you can still save on a furnace repair service in Hanover Park, IL from us by applying for financing so you can spread the cost, giving you peace of mind.

Contact us on (847) 744-9447 for more information or schedule your service online today and be sure to check out our current discounts and offers, to save even more!