Homeowners with Pets: Indoor Air Quality and HVAC Tips

About two thirds of households in the U.S. have at least one cat or dog, and those entertaining and furry family members are without a doubt the source of countless hours of joy. On the flip side, did you know your AC unit can be in danger if you have a male dog? We’ll get to that in a minute! If you have pets that shed, you can also attest to the fact that keeping up with loose hair and fur tumbleweeds can be a constant and challenging effort. Short-haired or hairless pet owners shouldn’t do a victory dance, as your pets contribute to indoor air pollution just as much as long-haired brothers and sisters. All pets have dander – dead skin flakes that are shed and a big asthma trigger. Any animal with fur can also transport transport dust and other allergens throughout the home.

Chicago ranks in the top ten when it comes to the most challenging places to live with asthma, according to an annual survey by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). If your family deals with asthma or allergies, reducing as many triggers as possible should be a high priority. Here are some tips to help reduce pet dander and indoor air pollution in general:

  • Bathe/clean pets regularly.
  • Spend extra time cleaning areas of the home where pets spend the most time.
  • Minimize or eliminate time pets spend in bedrooms of those with asthma or severe allergies.
  • Vacuum carpets and furniture when those with asthma aren’t in the home.
  • Install proper filtration, and make sure your home’s ventilation is optimal.
  • Run your central air fan to keep air circulating through the filtration system.

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Elk Grove can inspect your home’s HVAC and ventilation system to make sure everything is at peak performance. We can also recommend products that greatly reduce indoor air particles and pollutants, like our Fantastic Filter. It’s 500% more effective than fiberglass furnace filters and recommended by leading allergy and asthma physicians. Other IAQ products include Time Release Pan TreatmentMicroPower Guard, Air and Coil Scrubbers.

In addition to improving the quality of the air in your home, there are things pet parents need to be aware of in regards to your HVAC system. Dogs in particular can potentially take a shine to outdoor air conditioning units. Pictured is a three year old AC unit we recently replaced, where the family dog’s constant “leg lifting/territory marking” left the coil damaged beyond repair. So beware of Fido when he starts sniffing around your AC unit!

For additional information and advice on indoor air quality and maximizing the performance of your home’s HVAC system to improve the comfort of your home, and the health of your family, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Elk Grove, providing exceptional Heating and Cooling maintenance, repair and installation services to homeowners in Elk Grove Village and surrounding Chicago communities for more than six decades. For commercial HVAC help, visit our colleagues at American Comfort Heating & AC.