How to Program Your Thermostat for Summer Savings

With summer just around the corner, we can expect hot temperatures here in the Chicago area. Before hot weather arrives, it’s the perfect time to make sure your air conditioner is working properly and efficiently. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Elk Grove can help you get ready for summer heat and energy savings.

programmable thermostat is an energy-efficient device that can reduce your utility costs significantly each year and add up to a lot of savings over the life of your home. If you already have one, you know the benefits it provides. If you don’t, it is well worth the investment.

How Does It Work?

It has programmable features that can be preset to suit your schedule. You can preset temperatures to adjust to a higher setting when you’re away or sleeping, and return to a lower setting when you return home or need more cool air. You can save as much as 10 percent a year on heating and cooling by turning your thermostat back 7 -10 degrees for 8 hours a day.

How Do You Choose the Right One?

Most models come with four to six pre-programmed settings. To determine the best model for your home, consider your schedule and lifestyle. Are you away at work five days a week? How long are you gone each day? If your daily schedule is not set, many models sense movement in the house and adjust temperatures automatically. Most models can now be controlled remotely from your smart phone, tablet or computer, so you can adjust settings from any location for comfortable Chicago air conditioning day or night. In addition, they offer touch pad screens, lighted displays, voice programming, hold and away features, and maintenance and repair alerts.

For maximum energy savings, the location of your thermostat installation is important. Locate your thermostat away from direct sunlight, doorways and drafts which can affect your readings. Make sure your thermostat is easy to reach and program. If your home has different zones or levels, use a separate thermostat for each.

A programmable thermostat will add convenience and energy efficiency to your lifestyle. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Elk Grove can help you find the best model for your home and ensure the best thermostat installation for energy savings. Make sure your Chicago air conditioning is ready for summer and give us a call at (847) 744-9447

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