Thermal Curtains for Added Insulation

Curtains to the trained eye are more than for aesthetics. As we prepare for the upcoming intense heat and as we say goodbye to the freezing temperatures, we must look at curtains as an energy-efficient sidekick rather than just a pretty home accessory.

Thermal curtains are an inexpensive alternative to your heating and cooling issues, as they serve as insulators. Using thermodynamics, thermal curtains are made from thicker material than conventional curtains to where they shield off the heat during the summer and fend off the cold during the winter.

Thermal curtains provide up to five times the insulation as a traditional curtain, which means your air conditioner or heater does not have to run overtime. This will save you money.

Thermal curtains are found in the same aisles as conventional curtains and can run anywhere from $10 on up. Our Chicago heating and cooling representatives can assist you with more information on thermal curtains and the multiple benefits in using them. Give our Chicago HVAC company a call today at (847) 744-9447, or contact us online for details.

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