Time, Money and Trust

We like saving customers Time and Money. But first we know we have to earn their Trust.

We have a guarantee that’s one of the foundations of the One Hour Heating & AC brand: “Always On-Time…Or You Don’t Pay a Dime”. It’s one of the ways we set ourselves apart from the competition, to help us be the best HVAC contractor in Chicago. So when you set an appointment with us we’ll show up within a defined window of time, shorter than typical contractors, or the service call is free. With the increasingly busy and complex world we all live in, time is an ever-shrinking, precious commodity. And with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Elk Grove, you’re not going to wait around for hours on end, stressed and wondering when we’ll show. We’ll arrive On-Time, guaranteed.

The other part of time-saving is convenience. Because we take service appointments seven days a week, you have plenty of day/time options to have preventative maintenance done on your AC or furnace, or a new system or programmable thermostat installed, or your ducts cleaned. Our normal hours are Monday through Friday from 7AM – 6PM, with Saturday and Sunday appointments from 8AM to 4PM. So if you’re slammed during the week, you can make a weekend appointment that conveniently fits your schedule. And we’ll be there, On-Time, to perform the task as quickly as excellent work allows.

When emergencies happen, normal hours don’t apply. Breakdowns can happen any hour of any day of any week. And that’s why we’re available for emergency AC and heat pump/furnace repair 24 hours a day, seven days a week, each and every day of the year. And here’s something you may not have expected to hear: we don’t charge extra when you need help late night, overnight, or on weekends. Even on holidays. We offer the same great rate whether day, night, weekend or a holiday. So you save money.

So if something goes wrong Sunday night or early Labor Day morning, call us and we’ll be there lickety-split. You’ll get the very best HVAC repair service in the Chicago area – at our normal rate – from expertly trained, courteous technicians who’ve been drug-tested and background checked. They’ll wear footies over their shoes so they don’t track dirt around. Small things can leave big impressions. And we prefer to leave lasting impressions that do not include footprints on your floor.

Finally, our customers trust us. We’ve been serving Chicago and its suburbs for 65 years, with a passion to exceed expectations each day. We’re thankful that in this era of digital transparency, we have some 500 online customer reviews that say we’re doing things the right way. Word of mouth is the best advertising. We know that if we hire and train the very best people, show up On-Time at any hour, provide great value and the very best HVAC maintenance, repair and installation … our customers will tell their friends and we’ll thrive for many more decades to come.

We’re the top-rated heating, ventilation and cooling residential contractor in the Chicago area. And we’d love a chance to show you why. For any of your HVAC and Home Comfort needs, call us at any of these numbers: North & NW Chicago (847) 744-9447; North & NW Suburbs (847) 744-9447; Dupage County (847) 744-9447. Contact us online here. And please visit and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, G+ or LinkedIn.  We love to connect with and serve people online. It’s the neighborly thing to do, and we do giveaways as well!