Heat Pump Won’t Run at All

Try this:

  1. Check your thermostat, it should be set to the “heat” setting and a higher temperature than room temperature. Remember for heat pumps you need a specific type of thermostat and your thermostat needs to be wired properly to respond.
  2. Flip the circuit breaker powering the heat pump to make sure it’s receiving power. If your circuit tripped, this is an easy reset. If your circuit continues to trip, call an electrician.
  3. Be sure your heat pump power switch is on (many units don’t have one, if they do, they are usually on the wall near the unit or on the air handler area).

Heat Pump Blower Isn’t Working

Try this:

  1. Make sure your thermostat has the fan switch turned on.
  2. Try adjusting the fan setting to “off” or “auto” and then returning to “on”.
  3. If it’s still not working, change the limit switch on your heat pump following the directions on your owner’s manual or call us for heat pump repair service in Streamwood, IL. Note: You’ll need to set the lower pointer to 90 degrees and the upper to 115 degrees.
  4. Replace the motor belt. If your blower isn’t moving air but the motor’s working, the belt connecting them is probably broken. Check for the model number on your belt to buy a replacement. Turn the power off your unit and remove the door on the front of your air-handler cabinet. Slip the belt over the motor pulley first, followed by the blower pulley and carefully rotate the blower pulley by hand to get the belt to slip into place.

Air Temperatures are Unreliable

Try this:

  1. Check your heat pump filters, you need to change them at least twice a year. If they are dirty, they will block airflow and this will make it harder for the pump to heat your home.
  2. Adjust your thermostat up five more degrees and give your heat pump a few minutes to kick in.
  3. Make sure all vents in your home are open and make sure they are clear of furniture or coverings.
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Heat Pump Freezes Up

In very cold weather, your heat pump switches to defrost mode and starts blowing some cooler air as it works to avoid freezing up by melting the ice around it.

Try this:

  1. Make sure all vents are open and remove any furniture covering them.
  2. Check if there’s anything around the heat pump getting in the way of airflow.
  3. If neither of these does the trick, call an HVAC technician to look at the internal parts of your unit.

These are some of the common situations with heating pumps and we hope these tips help! If things seem complicated or these strategies don’t help, it’s best to call an experienced professional. Our award-winning heat pump repair service in Streamwood, IL will get your system back to work. Call us at (847) 744-9447 to schedule an appointment today.