Using Ductless Heat Pump

The ductless heat pump has been a common home installation for nearly 40 years. Originally used for industrial properties, ductless heat pumps have found a place in residential properties, and homeowners are becoming more and more impressed with them.

There are several advantages to owning a ductless heat pump. Among those benefits include versatility, energy efficiency and durability. Our Chicago IL air quality technicians can assist you with all inquiries regarding ductless heat pumps.

Ductless heat pumps are excellent alternatives in replacing existing heaters. They reduce energy consumption and maximize zone heating and cooling. They can use nearly half of the energy used by other heating and cooling systems. In addition, ductless heat pumps are reliable in regards to life expectancy and longevity.

Let our Chicago HVAC representatives help you with choosing the right ductless heat pump for your residential or commercial environment. Call us today, or contact us online for information.

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