The Importance of a Good Air Filtration System

We often worry about the air outside and the consequences of outdoor pollution, but did you know that indoor air can be up to 25 times more polluted than outdoor air? Considering most people spend an estimated 90% of their day indoors, it should come as no surprise how important it is that the air inside your home is as free of air pollutants as possible.

Poor indoor air quality can be detrimental to our health. Children, the elderly and anyone with allergies or a compromised immune system are most susceptible to its negative effects. Some of the symptoms include breathing problems, dizziness, sinus problems, flu, and viral infections. Most household contaminants are unavoidable, such as pet dander, mold spores, pollen, and bacteria. Diligent cleaning can help to minimize these contaminants, but the best way to combat them and keep you and your family safe and healthy is with good air filtration and purification.

In addition to keeping your family safe, good indoor air filtration is going to help your HVAC system run at maximum efficiency. Your standard furnace filter only protects your system from large objects but does very little to prevent dust, dirt and mold spores from accumulating on the indoor coil and blower. Having this build-up forces your system to work harder to heat and cool your home, in turn increasing your utility bills. Over time, your system will require more repairs and its life span will decrease. A good air filtration system will help to keep your indoor coil clean and reduce maintenance and operating costs over time.

The 1” pleated filters found in most hardware stores will filter the air adequately but when placed in a standard size filter grille they reduce the amount of air recirculated to your system and starve it of air. When the airflow to your system is reduced, it reduces the efficiency and capacity of your system. It may also damage the blower motor since it has to work much harder to move the same amount of air.

Still not convinced? In addition to keeping your home’s inhabitants healthy and your HVAC system operating smoothly, investing in high-quality air filtration and purification system will benefit you and your home in many other ways. Here are just a few!

Protecting decor and furniture: Good air filtration will help to keep the furniture and decor in your home looking brand new! Air filtration helps to remove airborne dust, which can lead to staining of surfaces. Additionally, you’ll find that linens such as pillows and blinds need to be washed less frequently, increasing their overall lifespan.

Extending shelf life: Removing airborne bacteria and germs helps to prolong the life of perishable food items. You may find you’ll save money on groceries when your fruit and other products left out of the refrigerator last longer.

Reduced Maintenance Costs: A typical indoor cleaning will cost approximately $400.00. Most homes with standard air filters need to have their indoor coils cleaned about every five years. With proper air filtration, you should never have to pay to clean your indoor coil. That means good air filtration can save you over $1,000 during the life of a normal system.

Interested in learning more about air filtration and purification systems? Outer Banks Heating & Cooling is here to help! We recommend a minimum 4” or 5” thick pleated media air filter and would love to tell you more about the other air purification products and installation services we offer. Our top priority is keeping your family comfortable, healthy and safe. And, at the same time keep your system running as efficiently as possible, and there is no better way to do that, than with good air filtration and purification system.

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