The Importance of Off-Season Maintenance, Especially in Vacation Homes

It’s easy to put off annual HVAC maintenance, especially in your vacation home which you may not have visited for weeks or even months! Currently, in the Outer Banks, 60% of the homes we service are empty, so now is the perfect time to schedule off-season maintenance! Before the summer heat hits, it’s important to make sure that your cooling system is in working order, and will be able to run efficiently throughout the summer as you and your family or guests spend time there. Here are a few reasons why off-season maintenance is so important, especially in your vacation home.

Avoid Emergencies While You’re Away

Whether you’re planning to spend the summer in the Outer Banks or your home will be rented out, the last thing you’ll want this summer is for your cooling system to fail when the temperature hits the 90s! The best way to avoid an emergency is to schedule your annual maintenance before you turn your cooling system on for the season. Doing so can help to detect any issues that might develop into catastrophic problems down the road.

Fewer Repairs

By scheduling off-season maintenance, you can detect problems before they require expensive repairs. Sure, preventative maintenance might involve a small repair or two, but the cost will be nothing compared to if you were to wait until your cooling system starts acting up. Being proactive about maintenance, and scheduling it during the off-season, will help you to save time and money in the long run.

Lower Your Energy Bills

A well-working HVAC system is one that runs efficiently, which means that it doesn’t need to go into overdrive just to keep your house at a comfortable temperature. Having annual maintenance will help your system to run at maximum efficiency, which will, in turn, lower your monthly utility bills. In your vacation home, where you can’t control what the temperature is being set to, this is especially important!

Keep Guests Coming Back

It’s no secret that the best way to retain vacationers for years to come is to make their stay in your home as enjoyable as possible. There are a lot of factors that go into this, but a very important one is making sure that your guests remain comfortable, which is where your cooling system comes in! Ensure that your summer guests remain cool in your home by scheduling maintenance long before they start arriving for the summer.

Extra Wear and Tear

Let’s face it: we hope that guests will treat our homes with the same respect that they treat their own, but unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Your home has likely seen some overall wear and tear over the years with vacationers coming in and out, and your HVAC system is likely not exempt from that. As one of the most important systems of your home, you want to make sure that you’re giving it the attention it needs and deserves to continue to keep your home cool throughout the summer months.

Don’t delay, summer is on its way! Our busy season starts in April as everyone begins to open their cottages in anticipation of summer. Call us today to ensure your HVAC system will be running in tip-top shape this summer in the Outer Banks!