Duct Sealing: 3 Financial Wins

After you read this, you won’t look at your air ducts like a homeowner anymore. You’ll look at your ducts like an HVAC tech.

The next time you notice your air vents blowing, you won’t just feel the warm (or cool) breeze, you’ll see the thousands of dollars those ducts might steal from you over the next decade. Thousands of dollars in wasted energy. Thousands of dollars in maintenance that could have been prevented — if only you had known.

Let’s take a look at dirty, leaky ducts.

Read on to learn how something as essential as your air ducts has a hand in your pocket, and read on to learn about the only measurable, proven solution on the market.

Dirty Ducts

You might wipe a wet cloth or a Swifter across the vent cover. Maybe you’d look at dusty cloth in your hand and assume you did everything you needed to do.

This might blow your mind: if you’ve never had a professional cleaning, your ducts are likely still choked with dust from when the house was new, half a century ago.

Here are two major problems with unclean, dusty ducts:

One: It’s bad for your health. Dusty ducts spread dusty air all throughout your house. For people with respiratory illnesses like asthma, dusty air can pose a serious medical problem.

Two: Dust can choke up your sensitive A/C or furnace components. That’s one of two reasons you’ll end up paying thousands in maintenance that you could have prevented.

Leaky Ducts

Unless, you’ve had them professionally sealed, your ducts likely leak. Really the question is not if but how much.

Wasted Energy

According to the Department of Energy, the average homeowner’s ducts leak between 25%-40% of conditioned air. That’s heated or cooled air you pay for that doesn’t heat or cool or your home.

That 25%-40% leaked air, on average, equates to a 30% higher energy bill. Yet in extreme cases, you can find yourself spending up to 40% more–every month!

Since Pennsylvania has both cold winters AND hot summers, our yearly heating/cooling bills consistently rank as higher than most other states. For the average Pennsylvania homeowner, with a reasonable $200 bill, leaky ducts steal approximately $60 per month—every month.

If you have a larger than average house, you can expect to be paying even more.

“Hold the phone,” You might say, “If I was losing 40% of my air through holes in my air ducts, wouldn’t I notice?”

Actually, no. The majority of damage to ductwork is known as pinhole damage, meaning it is the size of a pinhole and nearly-invisible to the naked eye. Adding to that is the fact that the majority of your ductwork is hidden away in basements, garages, and behind walls.

Extra Wear and Tear

Just because 25% to 40% of your air isn’t doing its job, doesn’t mean that job doesn’t get done. Even with leaky ducts, your HVAC will heat and cool your home—and therein lies another problem.

Your HVAC system has to work harder to achieve the desired result—a lot harder than it was ever designed to work.

Running you’re heating and cooling system without leaks is like driving your car the speed limit–the way the manufacturer intended. Running you HVAC system with duct leak, causing the system to work 40% harder, is like driving your car at 120 miles per hour at all times.

Let’s recap: you have a problem you can’t see — let alone fix. A problem costing you $60 or more every month. A problem that breaks down your expensive HVAC system.

Like we said, you can’t unlearn these facts. Every time you hear your vents blowing, you’ll be reminded how much you’re losing.

Well, what can you do? Call in the pros to evaluate your ductwork.

Make no mistake, your ducts are leaking…it’s only a matter of how much it’s costing you. Only our professional and proven process can save you money every month while preventing breakdowns and all-out system replacements.

Contact us to discuss a Duct Sealing or a Duct Cleaning today!